We provide a range of legal representation to businesses, individuals and organisations including the following services:

Advice and representation in real estate sales, construction, exchanges, leases, loans, title insurance as well as zoning matters and proceedings;
Debt collection and the recovery of money or property owed by one person to another;
The preparation and review of contracts for the sale and financing of various goods, services, real estate and buildings;

Employment and labour matters;

Lawsuits and administrative proceedings;
Domestic relation matters including divorce, custody, support and property settlement;
Intellectual property (including trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights), internet law;
Estate planning and elder law including the preparation of wills, trusts and powers of attorney;
The formation and maintenance of corporations and partnerships in collaboration with specialised providers.
Our Philosophy
We believe that hiring a lawyer is like making any capital expenditure:
the return is expected to be greater than the investment.Our goal is to make your investment a good one. We also believe in the age old adage that "justice delayed is justice denied". Thus, we strive to act with alacrity.